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Frozen Road Sign = Good Duck Hunting Weather in Oklahoma!


I don't know about you, but it looks like the state of Oklahoma is experiencing some good duck hunting weather right now. Check out that frozen road sign!

A normal person would look at this photo of a frozen road sign in Oklahoma after an ice storm hit the state, and shiver at the thought of how cold and miserable it must be there right now.

However, a duck hunter would see this picture and think, "That looks like some good duck hunting weather! I'll bet the birds are really flying right now!"

Which type of person are you?

Good duck hunting weather is almost never comfortable. Conditions are usually miserable: cold, wet, and overcast. However, a serious duck hunter will gladly tolerate miserable conditions if the ducks are really flying.

From the Tweet, it sounds like you might as well get out and do some waterfowl hunting while conditions are good for it in the area. After all, it looks like cable TV and internet services are still down in parts of the state.

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Frozen Road Sign = Good Duck Hunting Weather in Oklahoma!