elk herd

Elk Herd Throws Raucus Pool Party in Beaver Pond

If this video of an elk herd swimming in a beaver pond isn't awesome, we don't know what is. It comes to us complete with amazing sound effects and a surprise ending.

The camera that Scott Root set up at this beaver pond captured some truly amazing footage of an elk herd rushing into the water.

The quality of the image and audio are outstanding. However, the herd of mostly cows and calves almost sounds like a herd of cats or birds.

It's a typical day at the pool, with the youngsters wanting to jump in, a couple of teenagers competing with each other and the adults just drinking and quietly soaking in the water. What's most intriguing to me is the calling this herd of elk engage in. With all the loud vocalizations, there's clearly some intense conversation going on here.

It's also worth noting this is a beaver pond. Beavers and the ponds their dams create provide a great service to other wildlife, often creating complex mini-ecosystems.

This clip has it all, with a bit of suspense and even a surprise ending, so watch until the end! You'll undoubtedly smile at how it all ends.

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Well done, Scott Root. You've got a real gem of a video here.

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