bull elk
Facebook: Conservation Officer Service

Elk Gets Caught in Zipline, Rescued by Wildlife Officer

This British Columbia bull elk found itself in a tricky situation last weekend.

One of the problems with having massive majestic antlers is the inevitable tendency to get snagged on obstructions up above.

Over the weekend, the British Columbia Conservation Officer Services rescued a bull elk that got tangled up in a zipline on a private Youbou property near Lake Cowichan.

An officer was able to respond to the call and assess the scene in less than an hour. The bull had clearly been struggling for "several hours," as the ground was littered with tracks that made it seem as if it had been trying to free itself by twisting and turning in different directions.

Once the officer was able to chemically immobilize the animal by administering a drug, he was able free the antlers from the zipline and later watched the animal get up and walk off.

According to the BC Conservation Officer Services, local residents have since reported sightings of the bull, which is seemingly in good health after the incident.

Going forward, authorities recommend locals stay aware of the condition of their properties, as many manmade objects can pose a threat to wildlife, particularly when antlers are involved.

They advise taking down especially hazardous items such as volleyball nets and hammocks when no one is using them, as this is an easy remedy that immediately minimizes risk.

This particular bull was extremely lucky, though. Had this happened farther back on the property where no one could see, it's almost certain it would have died a slow, painful death.

It's important for all of us to consider the hazards we present to wildlife. Just because you don't have elk living in your area doesn't mean you're exempt, as this could've easily happened to a whitetail deer, too.