Elk Eats Baby Goose
Youtube via Good Bull Outdoors

Elk Eats Baby Goose Despite Efforts From the Parents to Fight Her Off


Cow elk may seem relatively mild-mannered, but this rare footage by Good Bull Outdoors caught proof that they can indeed get a little feisty. Then something happens that we almost couldn't even believe at first.

These creatures are usually herbivorous ruminants, and they look the part with their small snouts and constant grazing. But this female cow elk was apparently hungrier for something a little more meaty. She proceeds to catch and kill a baby goose, all while fending off the parents' attempts to drive her away. Then the cow elk partially eats it. Watch and see for yourself.

Cow Elk Eats Baby Goose

The first five minutes of the 15-minute video show the cow attempting and failing to catch some starlings. Every time she gets close to one of the small birds, they quickly fly away. She actually looks frustrated and moves around the pond, trying to figure out her next move.


Her attention is captivated by a family of Canada geese nearby, and she starts making her way towards them. The adult geese start leading their baby goslings away. Then one of the adults tries to confront and fight the elk while the other continues to lead the goslings away. Unfortunately for the bird family, the elk snags one of the goslings and starts to eat it while the rest make it back to the water.

The description of the video claims that this is the first footage of its kind ever captured, and though other videos of things like deer eating birds have been shared online in the past several years, this is the first elk and goose incident we're aware of.

Do Elk and Deer Eat Meat?

Interestingly enough, they do. But ungulates have been reported to eat plenty of unusual things, and some of it winds up getting captured on video. Cow elk and deer have historically been known to have carnivorous tendencies, eating eggs and smaller animals such as rabbits, frogs, squirrels, birds, and sometimes even fish for nutritional needs.

However, in one instance, deer have even been seen eating human remains. Back in 2017, a trail camera in San Marcos, Texas, a town about 45 minutes from the state capital, caught a deer feeding on human remains that were there for a decomposition study. Texas State University's Forensic Anthropology Research Facility shared a photo of a deer holding what seemed to be a human rib bone dangling from its mouth.


Pretty gruesome, right? The next time a deer or elk crosses your path, you might look at them a little differently.

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