Elephant Kills Crocodile
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Elephant Effortlessly Kills Large Crocodile in Fit of Rage

There aren't many creatures that can take on a full-grown crocodile and live to tell the tale. Elephants, the largest land animals on Earth, are the one major exception. These two creatures don't interact very often, but when they do, it seldom turns out well for the large reptile. Case in point is this incredible footage from Zambia. We don't see how this confrontation began, but a female elephant doesn't like the fact this croc is near her baby.

As a group of stunned tourists watches, the elephant continually steps on, pushes, and lifts the large crocodile out of the water with her trunk. It quickly becomes clear the crocodile doesn't stand a chance as the large mammal effortlessly pushes the predator around as if it's a child's pool toy.

Although we don't see the calf here, the video's description states that the elephant saw the croc and decided to take no chances with it being near her baby. The description also states that this elephant was estimated to weigh between 5,700 and 8,000 pounds. It doesn't take many stomps of those big feet to finish off any creature when there's that much weight behind them.

Considering the size of the elephant, it's also plainly obvious this was not a small crocodile by any means, making the feat even more impressive. This was just an incredible display of power and strength. The greater lesson here is to never mess with an angry female elephant or her baby!

Many people think of animals such as lions or cape buffalo as being the most dangerous creatures in Africa. However, this video shows the elephant may be the one you need to worry about the most. These animals can put a real hurt on anything they feel is threatening them. And because of all that bulk, basically nothing can stop them from doing it either.

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