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Bull Elephant Charges Vehicle of Tourists in True Pants-Soiling Moment

Tourist Elephant
YouTube: Niël Van Der Walt

This elephant gives the tourists and guide a moment they will not forget.

When it comes to Africa, there are tons of animals that are dangerous. Most people think of rhinos, hippos, and cape buffalo as the ones you do not want to mess with. Many people forget just how dangerous an angry elephant can be when they are ticked off.

When you are talking about a creature that is nearly 10 feet tall and can weigh upwards of 12 short tons, you want to give that animal a lot of space! Because if they feel people are getting too close, they will let them know it.

That is what happens to this tourist group in South Africa. They are exploring some dusty dirt roads in the bush near Kruger National Park when a large bull comes out of the forest. He is not happy to see a truck load of people and goes after them, giving a real scare to a guide sitting in a chair on the front of the vehicle!

Thankfully for these tourists, it seems that this was simply a bluff charge. The elephant did not want to attack the vehicle, it simply wanted it to back off. According to the video's description, the guy sitting on the front of this truck was a tracker for the group and he "nearly wet his pants experiencing this deadly charge." We cannot say we would blame him!

Had this elephant decided to do some damage, that man could have easily been killed by the animal. These are African bush elephants, and they are the largest land animals on the planet. Did you hear all those tree limbs snapping and cracking as it headed back into the brush? It would be a frightening sound to hear if you were hiking along this desolate dirt road.

Fortunately, the elephant stopped short in an actual attack and the tourists came away with some amazing footage to share with everyone back home.

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Bull Elephant Charges Vehicle of Tourists in True Pants-Soiling Moment