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Watch Ford's Upcoming Electric F-150 Pull a Million Pounds of Train and Truck

Electric vehicles are proving their worth across the automotive industry. All the fastest hypercars are hybrids and Tesla's fuel economy speaks for itself. Now, electric vehicles are setting the bar for towing capabilities, as well.

For instance, Ford's electric F-150, which is planned for a market release, just proved it's got enough towing power in reserve to pull over a million pounds of passenger train cars and trucks.

Of course, once the electric F-150 does hit the market, you shouldn't try to recreate this scenario. For stunts like this, trucks are tuned to a very specific configuration, which wouldn't be the case on a production version of this pickup. Also, even this carefully-tuned pickup is probably completely trashed after going so far beyond its published towing capacity.

That being said, the sheer physics of getting a single F-150 to pull so many commuter train cars bodes extremely well for the new electric Ford pickup. Watch the video above, which uses remote control drones to get awesome third-person shots of this impressive feat of electrical engineering. You'll have to suffer through some typical auto industry commercial cheesiness, but it's worth the first glimpse at this upcoming electric pickup's impressive tow.

When Will Ford's Electric F-150 Be on the Market?

We aren't sure, yet. We know that Ford has plans to have the hybrid F-150 version available in 2020. We do know that Ford intends to spend upwards of $11 billion on electric vehicle designs before the end of 2020. But, as far as the fully electric, pull-a-train version, the project is still shrouded in secrecy.

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The Electric Push

Ford has also invested another $500 million in a start-up called Rivian. From this, Ford plans to source another electric vehicle that we know even less about. This is in addition to several other electric programs Ford currently has in development, including the electric Mustang.

Volkswagen also invested $2.6 billion in Ford's automated vehicle push. As part of the deal, Ford received access to Volkswagen's electric vehicle platform portfolio. This should speed up the process for Ford and Volkswagen in ushering in a new era of motor cars.

Several other electric design departments are also hot on Ford's heals. Tesla, for instance, set the record for largest tow payload with production tuning when it towed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner weighing in at about 287,000 pounds.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there is a lot to be excited about in the world of electric vehicles. There are still obstacles to overcome in implementing a mainstream electric market, but circumstances are improving rapidly!

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