El Rio Claro
YouTube: Dane Jackson

The El Rio Claro: The River That's a Natural Waterslide for Kayakers

This river in Chile looks insanely fun for kayaking!

If you have ever been whitewater rafting or kayaking, you know how much fun fast-moving water can add to the paddling experience. It's an adrenaline rush that stays with for days after the adventure is over. Some places provide a bigger rush than others.

In the case of the El Rio Claro River in Molina, Chile, it looks like an extreme kayaking experience in a remarkably clear river. This video from YouTuber Dane Jackson shows what it is like to run through part of this river.

It looks like equal parts caving and kayaking from this insane GoPro footage. It looks insanely dangerous, but like too much fun at the same time.

We cannot get over how narrow this gorge is and how fast the water is moving through it. There are probably few places on earth where you can move this fast in a kayak and experience as many endless drops as what was shown in this video. We also simply cannot believe that crystal clear water. It's simply beautiful. This is the stuff of kayaker dreams.

Curious, I did a little more digging on this river and found that what was shown here is known as the Estre Saltos section of the river. There are a few other sections including Veintidos Saltos (22 waterfalls), and the ominously named Garganta Del Diablo, which roughly translates to "Throat of the Devil."

All are located within the confines of Siete Tazas National Park. It looks like this large nature reserve is in a very remote area with few amenities or WiFi, but it also looks like a great place to get away from it all and have an adventure.

You may think we're crazy, but we're adding kayaking this section to our bucket list of outdoor adventures for someday. It just looks like too much fun!

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