How to Effectively Skin Your Coyote Pelts, with Predator Pursuit

A little time, effort, and a sharp Havalon knife will have you with an awesome coyote pelt for your hunting room.

Jeff Thomason from Predator Pursuit breaks down how to skin your own coyote out in these step by step videos using nothing but his Havalon knife.

Taxidermy these days can be flat-out expensive. No matter what animal and no matter what style, you will have to fork out some money. But why not be able to do it yourself and save some money? A nice coyote pelt can be rather beautiful and add some flare to your hunting room, and these videos will have you getting just that pretty easily.

Watch as Jeff walks you through the way he does it in this two-part instructional segment.




Having killed thousands of coyotes in his hunting career, Jeff has done this a few times. So, after a few tries, hopefully you'll be able to quickly and efficiently cape out your kills as well.

As you can see in the video, the Havalon knives are perfect for work like this. If you haven't ever used a knife from Havalon, their blades are hands down the sharpest knife blade I have ever used. And for those that have used them, I have never heard anyone who disagrees. Once the blade begins to dull, simply remove it and replace it with a new one.

On top of being incredibly sharp, the small blade size allows you to have complete control and precise accuracy of where the blade is going. I highly recommend their knives for all aspects of the outdoors. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or camping... they will not disappoint.

Hopefully this video can help you streamline your skinning process next time and get that beautiful pelt ready for your trophy room or the fur buyer.

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