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15 Great Fishing GIFs You'll Watch Over, and Over, and Over...

We Know Memes

These fishing fail GIFs are guaranteed to make you laugh.

ftd-sealion grab
We Know Memes

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes someone else loses, gets it on camera, and we get to watch and laugh.

That way, we all win.

Check out the list of .GIFs to see people having a worse day than you with these fishing fails.

Failure to launch

World Fishing Network

Sometimes even the great Bill Dance can suffer from a failure to launch.

You can't fish without bait

Gif Bin

Of course, you can't get bait if your cast net goes one way and you go the other.

Real life Fantaisia


Warm up the orchestra, this guy has a Disney situation on his hands.

There's always a bigger fish


What a catch... the grouper thinks so too.

Sometimes jumping in the boat is a bad thing

World Fishing Network

"I knew I was due for a big one, and then it hit me..."

And sometimes it's really bad


Maybe the marlin called "shotgun"?

A quick lesson in physics


I bet when he was a kid he jumped off of the seesaw too.

The perfect cast...


This was definitely not it.

Never let go!!!

World Fishing Network

If the rod goes farther than the bait... You're doing it wrong!

Sometimes it's OK to let go

Gif Soup

Sometimes an iron grip just isn't enough.

How to make the 6 o'clock news


"Go to the lake," they said... "It'll be a great story," they said.

Some days the world kicks your butt.

I can has cheezburger

Other days, it's a sheep who is mad that you're fishing in their spot.

The cat eats better than I do.

Fails net

This is a perfect example of why you should have brought the dog instead.

Sometimes, you just catch bait.


Maybe he lost the fish, but how many people can say they got t stolen from a killer whale?

It doesn't count 'till you hit the dock...

We Know Memes

How about it doesn't count 'till it hits the grill?

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15 Great Fishing GIFs You'll Watch Over, and Over, and Over...