Tesla Model 3

Edmunds Blasts Tesla Model 3 for Quality Issue

Now Edmunds is firing shots at the Tesla Model 3, discovering so many bugs and quality issues, it needed a Google Doc to track them all.

Basically every week there's some new update that pants Tesla in a not-so-amazing light. Some of the observations of the Tesla Model 3 reported by Edmunds include bugs with its touchscreen and audio system, intermittent backup camera operation, vanity mirrors falling off, back seat discomfort, and other smaller issues, most of which are not integral to the operation of the vehicle.

"Sixteen weeks into ownership, we've had so many issues with our Model 3 that we started a shared Google Doc to catalog various warning messages, necessary screen resets, and general failures," read a post by Edmunds.

This follows Edmund's April report on the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot which was documented in a video review by senior road test engineer Jason Kavanagh in crossing over double yellow lines on a highway road. This steering issue was quickly fixed with a software update.

Edmund's latest missive follows a well-publicized battle with Consumer Reports over a non-recommendation due to a braking issue, which Musk was quick to acknowledge and issue a software update for. Specifically, it missed the mark on its 60 mph complete stop test with a longer braking distance than average.

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