Ekie Parrots Are Intelligent and Chatty Birds

Eclectus parrots are some of the most brilliantly colored of all the parrot species.

Experts at the Spruce Pets tell us these parrots make impressive pets!

"Charming, eye-catching, and intelligent, eclectus parrots are captivating birds that make impressive pets. Their beautiful colors, talking ability, and loveable personalities have gone a long way in establishing them as one of the most popular pet parrots available. This is one of the larger parrot species, though, so it does require the right owner with plenty of time and space available."

Check out this wonderful video if you're curious! We fell in love after watching this pet bird and may look for this parrot at our local shelter. This bird really talks!

The talkative nature of this bird is exactly what I'd like to sign up for with a pet bird! They also mimic.

Overall breed description and care 

PetGuide.com explains that it's their lovable, fun personality and striking, colorful looks, that make these birds among the world's favorite pet parrots. You must incorporate social time with them every day! 

  • These are medium-sized parrots, with the adults reaching an overall length of 14 inches.
  • Eclectus Parrot is one of the world's most unique parrot species, with extreme differences between males and females. They're so unlike each other that they were considered two different species at first. These differences are all color-based.

Eclectus are sexually dimorphic, meaning that you can tell the sex of the bird by the color of its feathers. 

They will live 30 to 50 years so you must plan for a long-term commitment and have a plan for them if something happens to you! These are birds that will be part of your will. 

How big should their cage be? Big!

The Spruce Pets explains that the Eclectus parrots are active birds and need plenty of room to exercise.

"They should have access to a large play stand and a "bird-safe" area in which to climb and explore. Proper exercise helps the Eclectus maintain its physical and mental health, and is a necessity for a happy, healthy pet. Provide a large cage, especially if you keep a pair. Consider it more of an aviary, with measurements around 11 and 3 feet and plenty of height to let them fly, climb, and stay busy."

A study was recently done on how parrots eat and why they leave so much food on the floor and are so wasteful!

These colors! 

  • Males are almost entirely bright green and the color is almost fluorescent-like. There are red and turquoise spots on the lower side of the wing. Their beak is yellow on the top half and black on the lower.
  • The female's heads, back, and breast are bright red, while the belly and neck are purple. The beak is entirely black. 

How talkative are they? 

They are said to have a distinctive honk and other vocalizations that can be amusing at first, but then it becomes loud and startling. Eclectus can be taught to speak quite a few words and they are quick to learn almost anything you want to teach them. 

Health issues 

Stress is the number one issue you must avoid. They are very social creatures and must spend quality time with their owners each day. They're very intelligent and know when they're being ignored.

Eclectus parrots are known for their ability to adapt to common conditions. Always check their cage if you think there is excessive heat or extreme cold, drafty and damp places and small places without sunlight. These parrots need a lot of exercise and time outside of the cage (with their owner around to watch them show off). 

What's so unique about these parrots is the sexual dimorphism we talked about earlier. The small details and differences even in the black beak of the female are remarkable. That emerald green coloration of the male is so brilliant they're hard not to stare at. The female Eclectus is equally stunning! This extreme sexual dimorphism is fascinating!

You can ask your avian veterinarian about this species of parrot and anything you need to be aware of that we didn't mention in this story.

These are companion birds that are very smart and know when they're being isolated so don't allow any feather plucking to start. They can be talkers so make sure you want to live with a bird species that has the potential to be very vocal.

If you love parrots then you can also consider a Macaw or cockatoos.

Other fun facts:

  • There are a number of subspecies of the Eclectus parrot, which is why there are so many common names. The Solomon Island Eclectus is most often found in the pet trade.
  • They have a specialized digestive tract so consult with your vet about the feeding schedule.
  • In the wild, they prefer pomegranate, papaya, and figs! As a pet, it's important that their diet is comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.
  • A seed mix is ok to offer in moderation.

Have you ever lived with a parrot? Please leave us a comment below!

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