Eazy Bike Converts That Old Bike into an E-Bike

Eazy Bike, a Swedish startup electrifying standard bicycles into e-bikes with its proprietary battery and motor, is killing it with its live Indiegogo campaign to bring it to market.

As of October 16, 396 Eazy Bike backers have raised more than $73,000, or 183% of its $40,000 flexible goal with a month remaining.

For $159, Eazy Bike sells a battery and motor kit that converts your bike to an e-bike capable of up to 16 mph (EU version) or up to 20 mph (U.S. version), with a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge. Installation takes two minutes, and the motor activates after hitting three mph.

All for 1/10 the cost of an actual electric bike.

Watch Eazy Bike in action.


For the Indiegogo campaign, several goodies are up for grabs depending on a backer's contribution amount. $20 gets you an extra charger, and $99 gets you a spare battery, The kit itself is sold as a single, double, or a "family pack" of four with savings of up to 60% off its market price.

"For many, biking is the best way to get around. The problem? We don't love arriving at our destination out of breath, sweaty and exhausted. Uphill, wind, age, and fitness are also obstacles that make biking less enjoyable for many," said EAZY Bike founder, Alexander Lundqvist. "EAZY Bike is the perfect solution. You can lean back and relax; you now have the peace of mind to bike anywhere you wait with minimal effort. Why do the hard work yourself? Let EAZY Bike do it."

This post was originally published on October 22, 2017.