Family With Friends Camp By Lake On Hiking Adventure In Forest
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Delicious, Kid-Friendly Recipes for Your Family Camping Trip

These simple meals will make happy campers out of the whole family.

Planning a camping trip with kids can take a lot of brain power. The last thing you want is to worry about what you will be feeding everyone. You want to have simple, easy meals that the whole family will love (and the kids will actually eat) and with at least a little bit of nutritional value. You also want to be able to make them quickly. No one wants to spend hours making a meal after a full day of road tripping or an action-packed day of outdoor adventures. A hungry family doesn't equal a happy family. Sometimes, getting that combination can feel a bit like searching for a unicorn. As a mom and avid adventurer, I completely understand the need for easy camping meals for your family.

Our selection of easy camping meals has something for everyone and hits on every meal of the day. From quick, filling breakfasts that will keep you going on family hikes to lunches you can enjoy lakeside, we have you covered. We even added some tasty desserts that go beyond s'mores but don't add too much to your to-do list. Better yet, some of the prep can be done ahead of time for many of these. Here's a look at some easy camping recipes to help you get the show on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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