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Deer Lands Feet From Hunter, Making for an Easy Buck Recovery

It doesn't get any easier than this when it comes to a buck recovery while hunting.

Just about every deer hunter has been there before. You shoot a buck with nice antlers, only for it to run off into the woods for several hundred yards before falling.

This leads to a difficult tracking job and a long drag back to the truck. Wouldn't it be nice if every buck recovery was as easy as this one?

Watch the video below:

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The hunter in the video shoots a buck using a .270 rifle at what looks to be around 50-75 yards.

After being shot, the buck runs straight towards where the hunter and cameraman are set up. You can hear the cameraman whisper to "Stand still!" several times before the buck finally falls right in between them.

The only thing that would have made this retrieve even better is if the buck also arrived field dressed, skinned, and in neat packages and cans of venison.

The last thing you want is something other than a nice, clean, broadside profile that results in poor shot placement and a wounded deer. Wait a certain amount of time, follow a blood trail, and you still won't be positive the hit deer is dead. Anything other than a vital area shot can leave even the best deer trackers in the dark. That obviously didn't happen here.

The reaction of the two men when the deer falls in the video is priceless. I think it is pretty safe to say that they will never have a more convenient buck recovery than this one. Good thing the cameras were rolling because no one would believe it otherwise.

I'm sure that hunter still tells this story around the campfire at night and probably will for the rest of his hunting days.