Excited Eagle Ray Jumps in a Boat and Shocks Veteran Anglers

Asian carp have nothing on this excited southwestern Florida eagle ray.

These anglers had a snook fishing trip they'll never forget, thanks to one excited eagle ray. In this amazing footage, we see what happened after the ray decided he wanted to come along.

Captain Sean Davis has fished the coastal and inland waterways in and around Ft. Myers, Florida for nearly his entire life. While he's heard of jumping rays, he never thought he would see it happen... let alone have a ray hit the windshield of his boat.

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While many aquatic species like to put on an aerial show, seeing an eagle ray airborne is a pretty rare sight indeed. While nothing can prepare even a seasoned angler for how to handle a ray suddenly jumping on board, Captain Davis certainly handled the situation as well as could be expected.

After taking a few minutes to recover, the ray seemed none worse for wear.

Flying rays are definitely more impressive (and scary) than excited carp.