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Angler Lands 4th Largest Mako Shark in Louisiana History [PICS]

An epic battle off the coast of Venice yields a 580-pound monster that stands as the 4th largest Mako shark in Louisiana history.

Captain Kevin Beach of Venice, La. has had plenty of past experience with big mako sharks. He helped a client catch a 765-pounder back in 2006, but it had been a while since he had tangled with a true monster.

Until earlier this week, that is.

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On Dec. 12, Beach and his mate were fishing off the Venice Coast, and their chum slick had garnered plenty of interest. While the clients were enjoying watching everything from slashing sharks, to tuna, to king mackerel, the arrival of the giant mako peaked everyone's interest.

"We first saw him about 70, 80 yards down the chum slick, just swimming all lit up, blue and pretty, on the surface," Beach told reporters. "We got the mako rod, and offered him a bait."

While the bonito that Beach initially offered didn't appeal to the huge predator, a mackerel fillet was just what the doctor ordered.

The monster inhaled the mackerel, and with angler Landon Rachel of Jamestown, North Dakota on the rod, the fight was on. The mako fought with Rachel for over an hour, putting on a fantastic display.

"As soon as we hooked him, we got four really, really cool jumps out of him, and then he never got off the top shot" Beach said.

After the fight was over it took the five men on the boat, an eight-foot gaff, a tail rope and a flying gaff just to get the prehistoric predator on board.

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Rachel's impressive catch measured 117 1/2 inches long, from the lower jaw to the tail fork, and bent the scales at an impressive 580 pounds, making it the fourth largest mako in state history.

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Angler Lands 4th Largest Mako Shark in Louisiana History [PICS]