Dumped Geese
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Dumping of 40 Geese Carcasses Being Investigated by California Fish and Wildlife

California officials are hoping they can find whoever dumped 40 geese carcasses.

An investigation has started after residents of Chico, California discovered the carcasses of nearly 40 geese dumped in a field in their neighborhood. The find took the people living there by surprise and has prompted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to start looking for the people responsible. The birds were found near Spyglass Road and Hicks Lane.

Action News Now talked to residents in the area who were surprised and shocked by the find, noting that they have never found anything like it in their neighborhood before.

"People like this mess it up for legitimate hunters and it doesn't make anyone feel good about hunting when they see something like this," resident Roland Resendez told the news organization. "For the most part, we have a lot of responsible sportsmen out there and I hate it when people do stuff like this that can make other hunters look bad."

CDFW officials agree with Resendez in that regard. Barry Ceccon, a Lieutenant with the department, noted that the geese had been breasted prior to being dumped. Officials don't know whether the birds were taken legally or not. The daily bag limit is 20, which would seem to indicate at least two people involved. However, the only illegal act officials are aware of now is the dumping of the bird carcasses themselves.

"The disposal of them like this is totally irresponsible," Ceccon told the news organization. "Whoever did this, they should be ashamed of themselves."

The illegal dumping of waterfowl carcasses is not a new crime. Wildlife officials in many states make similar investigations every year. Earlier this month, officials in Boise, Idaho cited two people in a nearly identical crime for dumping 34 duck carcasses behind a grocery store.

Fortunately, tips made to the state's anti-poaching hotline helped game wardens identify the suspects, who later confessed. They were forced to pain fines and lost hunting privileges for three years.

We are guessing similar enforcement action may be taken if California officials can identify the party responsible for the dumping in Chico. They are asking anyone with information to contact California's poaching tip line at 1-888-334-2258

We'll keep an eye on this story and bring you an update if and when the people responsible are caught here at Wide Open Spaces.

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