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Duck Camp's Hunting Shirts Will Make Every Hunt Better

After a week of some rugged hunting, I stand by Duck Camp's hunting shirts.

Any hunter with a few rough hunts under his or her belt will tell you clothing is everything. And, after I spent a brutal week of grouse hunting in northern Wisconsin, I'm with them.

Temperatures were frigid, sitting around 12 degrees for most of the week, and the snow barely let up in between steady flurries. If you've ever done any grouse hunting, you can probably agree with the notion that these aren't ideal conditions.

The truth is, we hit the northern hardwoods about two weeks too late. It wasn't going to hinder us from making the most out of the week, though, so proper clothing was a must.

Grouse hunting requires constant walking and upper body movement, so you can't go out in a thick parka or you'll be sweaty and miserable. Instead, you have to wear layers you can shed if you need to, but you also need a way to deflect the snow that's bound to fall from tree branches as you power through a thick patch of poplars.

The two Duck Camp shirts I packed with my upland gear were clearly duck hunting shirts. But, I had a feeling they'd be ideal for this hunt, and they definitely legitimized by notions.

Midweight Mallard Green

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This shirt would be great for any hunter who isn't a huge fan of wearing camouflage, meaning it's great for most bird hunting other than waterfowl. Maybe it's contrary to your first thoughts when you hear "Duck Camp," but that's what's cool about the company. They're making stuff for a wide range of styles, meaning you're likely going to see something that fits what you want.

No matter what kind of hunting you're doing, there's something almost all of us can agree on. The last thing you ever want to deal with is being wet. Wet boots lead to blisters, and the discomfort of a wet shirt or pants will overshadow the drive to keep pushing.

The Midweight shirt's wicking treatment allows it to dry quickly, which was especially useful for me when snow crashed down on my shoulders. After I'd brush it off, the residue would quickly dry, where my other shirts would hold moisture for quite a while.

The shirt was an XL, which is just a tad big for me, but perfect for layering underneath. Even with the layers, it was particularly breathable.

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And lastly, it's really comfortable. There were a couple nights I just casually wore it around our cabin in comfort, and it could easily double-purpose as a shirt to wear out.

Lightweight Midland

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This shirt is everything you could ever want for hog or dove hunting in Texas. It's both lightweight and particularly breathable, making it the ideal shirt for those warmer mornings down south.

But, it was also ideal for me during the first day of hunting, as the temperatures hadn't dropped down just yet, making this a nice option to wear under my vest and over a layer or two of thermal shirts.

What makes it even better for warmer hunting conditions is its UPF 40+ sun protection.

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It also features a tab and button to hold your rolled-up sleeves, which is great on a hot day of hunting.

Similar to the Midweight Mallard Green, this shirt dries especially fast, which is can't be valued enough.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, hunting apparel has a tendency to lack in quality, where Duck Camp so blatantly matches a different standard. These shirts are versatile, working for any field or marsh, and just as well around the house or out on the town.