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This Minnesota Hunter Tagged His Dream Deer

We all know that one deer that we find in our trail camera photos before the season. Rarely do we see it in person.

We've all had it happen to us. Trail cam photos always show huge deer in the summer and fall that you never see during deer season. It's those deer that force you out of bed on terrible days and keep you excited as rut hits its peak. However, one Minnesota hunter was able to fill his tag with his dream buck recently. You're going to want to hear what he had to say about it.

As Jordan Cote posted on his Facebook page that was later shared by a local radio station, the pictures say 1,000 words. Just check this out, it's pretty insane.

"After three hunting seasons, countless hours invested and many sleepless nights," Cote wrote. "The hunt for a deer I named 'Bocefus' ended early last week."

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As you can see above, Cote even collected the sheds as he slowly watched this deer grow year after year.

"The tears that rolled down my cheeks after the first time I touch this deer showed me a level of passion for hunting that I've never felt before," he finished. 

Wow, what a deer. I've collected sheds, seen similar trail cam photos and then encountered the deer in person just like Cote. Unfortunately for me and many others, pulling the trigger is the only part missing from our stories.