This Groomer's Hilarious Video Shows Just How Dramatic Huskies Can Be

Some pups see the bath and run in the opposite direction, while others can't wait until they get a good scrubbing! Husky owners know that bath time is always a struggle, even when you take them to the groomer. This is because Siberian huskies are notorious drama queens. Thankfully for the rest of us, their owners and groomers often document the ridiculous things these pups do! In a hilarious new TikTok video, one groomer shares what happens when she tries to get a particularly dramatic husky out of the tub.

In the beginning of the clip, the pup gives out a little cry when the groomer first pulls on the leash. Things go comically downhill from there and it becomes clear that this husky does not want to follow instructions. This is a far cry (literally!) from the husky who did everything she could to resist the bath.


I?m reposting MY Video because TikTok allowed another account to record it, remove my watermark and claim a copy right infringement on me. So they removed my original video once it hit 40 million views. If they make it right I will take this one down..

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Throughout the full video, the husky continues its little temper tantrum. As the groomer attempts to get the pup out of the washing station, the dog howls every single time the leash is pulled. If you look closely, the timing of the leash tug and the husky's tongue wagging actually makes it look like the pup is on a pull cord. Naturally, this display makes the groomer (plus millions of viewers) double over laughing.

While grooming man's best friend can be a difficult task, husky puppies should get their own special category of mayhem. But, hey, at least the groomer could laugh about the situation. Dog grooming takes a special person with a great sense of humor and a passion for pups!

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