Don't Make These Dangerous Muzzleloader Mistakes
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Don't Make These Dangerous Muzzleloader Mistakes

Watch closely and learn what happens when these guys demonstrate a couple of deadly muzzleloader mistakes under controlled conditions.

Hunting with a muzzleloader can be a lot of fun as well as a very satisfying way to harvest wild game. However, just like when shooting a modern firearm, there are some hazards involved with using a muzzleloader that you need to be aware of.

Some of these hazards (like mud in the barrel) are not unique to muzzleloaders and are very dangerous regardless of what you're shooting. However, others, like a double charged muzzleloader or the use of smokeless instead of black powder, are issues more unique to shooting a muzzleloader.

Unfortunately, these can all be deadly mistakes.

Check out the video below to see the the CEO of CVA demonstrate what happens when you load smokeless powder in a CVA muzzleloader designed for use with black powder, when you attempt to fire a muzzleloader that has been double loaded, and when you attempt to fire a muzzleloader with its barrel plugged with mud.

Don't try any of these things at home either. As you'll see in a minute, doing so can be really dangerous.

Pretty scary right?

As you can see, making any of those muzzleloader mistakes can potentially destroy your muzzleloader or even kill or seriously injure you or other people nearby.

Fortunately, these are all preventable issues.

First, NEVER use smokeless powder in a gun designed for use with black powder or a black powder substitute.

Second, pay close attention when you're loading a muzzleloader so you measure out the right amount of powder and properly seat ONE bullet.

Third, be extremely careful when handling your muzzleloader (or any firearm) to ensure you don't plug the barrel with some sort of obstruction like mud or snow. If you do accidentally drop your muzzleloader and plug the barrel, unload the muzzleloader and then thoroughly clean the barrel before you attempt to fire it.

All of these best practices apply regardless of whether you're using a traditional flintlock or a very advanced modern muzzleloader like the Remington 700 UML or CVA Paramount.

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