southern momma

Don't Bring Southern Momma on the Hunt

Comedian Darren Knight as "Southern Momma" perfectly mimics the experience of having a greenhorn significant other completely spoil your hunting trip.

"I AM BEING QUIET! I AM WHISPERING!" Does this sound familiar? What about the incessant nagging, yakking, gabbing, and complaining? "I'm bored! I'm cold! I want to go home! Can we go home?" All the while crunching leaves, slamming doors, coughing, and making enough noise to alert deer in the next county.

Not everybody is made for hunting, that's why some people get their meat from Wal-Mart. Comedian Darren Knight plays the part of "Southern Momma" in his stand up comedy acts, but when southern momma comes along for a hunt, this act takes the cake. Knight recreates the reality of bringing someone along for the hunt that's not quite made for it.

Here's the video:

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