Dogs Won’t Let Owner Throw Out Their Big Stick, the Christmas Tree

When is December 24th again?

It may be a year away but these dogs are not ready to wait. Why can't the Christmas tree just stay in the house so everyone is ready for next year?

When David Graham from Arkansas tried to throw the Christmas tree out his two German Shepherds thought otherwise. They would like to keep their indoor stick, please, and they're ready to fight for it.


Luckily, David's wife Erin Sharkey Graham caught the whole thing on camera as he tries to throw the old, dry tree in the backyard with two persistent dogs attached. Here is her introduction to the funny video:

So I asked my husband to toss the old Christmas tree during the cleanup efforts and noticed it was taking a REALLY long time... then I look out and see this struggle going down...??

The dogs throw such a protest pulling the tree that David falls over more than once, which is even funnier because he doesn't know his wife is filming. At one point it looks like he is slingshot over the tree, and his frustration is clear as he tries to pull the tree out of the dogs' mouths. It's two against one and it isn't quite clear who is going to win until the tree is finally thrown over the fence. The pups even stand up against the fence as their new favorite toy goes to rest. RIP old Christmas tree...

The video was posted on Facebook where it quickly went viral, being shared over 180k times and viewed 11 million times on the page The German Shepherd Dog Community. Of course other German Shepherd owners chimed in with how much their pups love big sticks.

Is it an understatement to say German Shepherds like big sticks?

Does your dog like big sticks? Were they sad to see the Christmas tree go this year?

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