Dogs Who Drool: Slobbery Messes We Love To Snuggle

Every dog slobbers, but some dogs drool all the time. 

Some sweet dog breeds are blessed (or maybe cursed) with salivary glands that produce incredible amounts of drool. Now, some pups have health problems that lead to hypersalivation, but others like these pups are just normal droolers, without any health issues. Dog owners know that these healthy dogs are just prone to excessive drooling, and they love them anyway.

1. Saint Bernard

St. Bernard's have huge mouths and by default seem to drool more than most dogs. The pups hail from the Swiss Alps and are bred for cooler temps. You may notice there is more drool coming out of your dog's mouth during the summer if you own one of these puppers. Lots of drool is much better than heatstroke!

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

These adorable, fluffy dogs also come from colder climates. BMD's are sweet family pups who are great guard dogs. Since they like to be cool, the warmer it gets, the more they will drool.

3. Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands love the water. but they also have large jowls that let all sorts of slobber drip out all over the place. These pups are gentle giants, but be aware frequent slobber cleaning will definitely be in your future!

4. Boxers

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While these pups may not drool as much as some of the others, Boxers have shorter faces and longer jowls, which means your kitchen floor may become drool central.

5. Mastiffs

These big pups have loose upper lips like a few of the other breeds on this list. Mastiffs are gentle giants, but they do tend to drool. Having loose skin around the mouth tends to lead to lots and lots of slobber flying around everywhere.

6. Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are known for their superior nose, but they also have quite a bit of drool. The breed has those adorable droopy faces with flappy skin that tends to collect quite a bit of saliva.

7. Bulldogs

These cutie pies are wrinkly and awesome. Bulldogs are known for having respiratory problems due to their short faces and wrinkly snouts. The pups can overheat easily too. But what you might not know is their sinuses also lead to them being a little on the drooly side.

8. Pugs

The common causes of pugs' daily drool are their small jaw with loose lips and a tendency to walk around with their mouth open. If they get excited and smell something they want to devour, they are going to be doing some serious droolin'.

How Much Drool Is Too Much

If you notice your pup is drooling more than normal, it could be a sign of some health issues. Some common causes of excessive drooling can be things like:

  • Allergic reaction to dog food
  • Motion sickness
  • ?Carsickness
  • ?Tumors
  • ?Kidney disease
  • ?Liver disease
  • Dental disease (tooth decay)
  • Mouth disease
  • ?Foreign object
  • Eating a poisonous plant

If you notice that your dog has increased salivation, you should take them to the vet for a check-up, just to make sure they are in tip-top shape and that their ptyalism or drooling is normal.

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