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This Vet's Simple Chalk Hack Will Keep Your Dog's Water Ant-Free

Dog owners love a good pet hack. Whether it's a new way to get a pup to take pills or a method that makes brushing dogs' teeth easier, humans want know about it. So, when we stumbled on this simple trick involving sidewalk chalk, we knew it had to be shared.

The best part about nice weather is taking your dog everywhere you go.  However, there's one drawback of warm temperatures: bugs. Nothing is more unpleasant than trying to relax and having bugs crawling everywhere—including near your dog. If you bring your pet's water bowl outside, you're likely familiar with the invasion of ants that follows. They always head straight for the bowl, and your poor pup ends up having a sea of black dots floating in his water. Yuck! Luckily, Dr. Adam Christman, a veterinarian and social media personality, has the perfect hack to stop ants from turning your dog's water bowl into a swimming pool.


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In a recent TikTok video, the New Jersey veterinarian talks about how to enjoy the backyard with your dog. First, he talks about what bowl you should use. Stainless steel bowls are not the best option, in case your dog's water bowl ends up in the sun, which will heat the water up. Instead, use a ceramic or plastic bowl filled with cold water and a few ice cubes to keep it at the perfect temperature. (Just make sure it's food-safe and free of BPA, lead, and phthalates!)

Next, take a piece of chalk and draw a circle, heart, paw, or any other shape you'd like around your pup's bowl. Ants will not cross over the chalk barrier because it messes with their scent trail. At the end of the video, Christman shows how the ants approach the chalk line, abruptly stop, and turn around. Such an easy way to stay ant-free!

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