Dog Umbrellas Will Keep Small Dogs Dry on Rainy Days

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Walking your dog is a rain or shine event. You'll inevitably have lousy weather days while walking your dog, so stay prepared with the right rain gear. I recommend paw cleaner and a doormat to prevent your pup from getting mud in your home, but I also suggest buying a dog umbrella.

Have you ever seen an umbrella for dogs? Let alone a dog raincoat? Humans have all kinds of accessories for rainy weather like rain boots and rain jackets. These small yet functional supplies keep us comfortable when the weather is bad.

Your pooch deserves the same protection during inclement weather. After all, dog walking is fun when you're both prepared. Enjoying pet walking during rainy or snowy weather often means putting on your rain boots and purchasing pet products that keep your furry friend safe and warm too.

Many dogs don't like getting wet. The bath isn't the only place where dogs find water irritating. Some furry friends don't enjoy a stroll out in the rain. Keep your pup dry on their walks with a dog umbrella. They're very neat since dog umbrellas even have built-in leashes.

Dog owners say they protect smaller dogs like a Chihuahua from snow, sleet, and wet weather.

Perfect Life Ideas Pet Dog Umbrella with Leash

Perfect Life Ideas created a pet umbrella that is fantastic for small dogs. The foldable doggy umbrella has a handle that's 26 inches long and opens to 29 inches wide. Small pets like Pomeranians and Yorkies should be able to keep dry. There is a built-in leash that's about eight inches long.

It is a transparent umbrella, and I love that. (I don't need anything too flashy.) Pet parents are leaving excellent customer reviews on Amazon about this dog leash umbrella.

You may feel a little silly using it for the first time, but wouldn't you like to avoid the wet dog smell after taking your dog on a potty break? Keep in mind that this umbrella is not made for larger dogs. The dog owners finding success with this umbrella are people with small dogs.

Another option for a dog umbrella that attaches to the dog's collar is the Lesypet adjustable umbrella leash featuring a new and improved flexible handle. Durability is a major concern when it comes to an umbrella handle. You want something strong and rather windproof, and with a stainless steel frame, so your pup doesn't go flying away in the rain. The Lesypet umbrella leash is still best suited for smaller dog breeds.

We have yet to find a dog umbrella fit for large dogs. And that's sort of strange considering some pets, such as standard Poodles, love to have fancy coifs.

Believe it or not, you can also find raincoats for dogs. They look much more accommodating for larger dogs for rainy day walks. The back length on the HAPEE rain jacket has a 30-inch option. A 20-40 pound dog could benefit from a waterproof jacket.

Next time weather conditions look gloomy and wet, you'll have everything you need to keep your furry friend dry. They will finally be able to enjoy their walks on rainy days!

This post was originally published on February 27, 2020.

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