Dog Toy Baskets: 5 Amazon Picks That Will Make Organizing Easy

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Do you need a dog toy basket? Dog toy storage will help your pup find his favorite pet toys and help you keep the living room organized.

No matter how many small dogs or large animals you have in your home, you still need an easy-access storage solution to keep things tidy on the homefront.

There's no shortage of pet toy storage on Amazon. Here are some of my favorites that will also enhance all types of home decor.

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Should You Wash Plush Dog Toys

Yes. Hills writes, "When cleaning plush toys, be sure to either use a pet-safe detergent or avoid using detergent entirely. You can also wash soft toys by hand using the half-water, half-vinegar solution. Afterward, either air-dry the toys or pop them into the dryer (but don't use dryer sheets)."

As long as your fabric toys are washing machine safe, you should be able to wash them with dog-safe detergent. However, if you don't want to risk puppy toys getting wear and tear in the washer, go the hand wash route.

Also, air-drying outside is a great option. The sun will dry them quickly and will help get that puppy smell out. Some aggressive chewers will leave their fabric toys soaked with slobber! Yuck. Just like us, dogs carry around bacteria, so be sure to get those toys clean whenever you can.

Best pet-safe detergent: LaundraPet Premium Detergent

Best Dog Toy Baskets for Your Pooch

1. INDRESSME XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket

Amazon's Choice

Let's all just admit it, there is nothing more frustrating than buying a storage container only to realize it isn't big enough to house your needs. A blanket basket toppled over with baby toys, or pet supplies just looks messy. The whole point of a storage basket is to organize things in a tidy manner.

I love this cotton rope storage basket because it is HUGE. Even if you aren't using it as a dog toy box, the rope handles make it easy to carry as a laundry basket. The neutral hue will fit into almost every room in your home. Sold!

This bestseller has nearly 30,000 ratings.

2. Hands Craft Large African Basket | Round Bolga Basket | Ghana Basket

Best for Style

Bolga baskets. My favorite way to carry pretty much everything. If you like easy accessibility, you'll adore these open baskets. Handcrafted in Africa, Bolga baskets can be used for the farmer's market, library runs, pet supplies, dog chew toys, dog treats or dog food, and even as a small toy chest for kiddos. Beware: you'll want more than one.

3. Bone Dry Collapsible Bin, Medium Round, Gray

 Best for Budget

This collapsible $15 canvas paw print toy bin will store your dog or cat toys with ease. Deep enough for your large dog to stick his head into, it's still small enough that it won't overwhelm your living room.

4. Goodpick 3pack Small Basket - Woven Storage Basket

Best Bang for the Buck

Perhaps you need a dog toy storage bin for squeaky toys, dog bones, and pet supplies such as a leash? This $16 set of three woven baskets offers plenty of storage for your foyer. Just place them on your entryway table, and staying organized will be a breeze.

5. PET ARTIST Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket Bin with Personalized Pet's Name

Best for Personalization

How about a special gift basket for your furry friend? Even if he can't read his name, all of his favorite toys can be tossed in this personalized dog toy storage basket. Your pooch will love his special place in the living room, where his storage bin holds his favorite blankets and bones.

The rope handles make this storage box easy to transport. Are you going on a road trip? Just grab the dog, this dog toy storage box, and you're ready to roam.

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