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Dog "Stalked" By Wild Turkeys On His Way Home

?Dogs do their fair share of chasing animals, but a dog getting stalked by wild turkeys is, well, wild. 

People who live in rural areas often see quite a few wild animals. Even in California, New York, and Connecticut, you come across animals like howling coyotes, pesky raccoons, and wild turkeys strutting around. It's often exciting to see these forest folk for the first time, but seeing them all the time can get a little taxing, especially for this dog who appeared to get stalked by a flock of wild turkeys in his own yard.

Dog Stalked By Wild Turkeys


Getting bullied in our neighborhood. #wildturkeys

? Oh No - Kreepa

During breeding season, wild turkeys become a little defensive. They strut around gobbling and challenge anyone around them. In this funny video, a group of turkeys is following a small dog toward his home. The dog hops off the sidewalk and onto his walkway, but the wild turkeys continue to follow him. The feathered fowl look like they are ready to pick a fight with this dog. The poor pup was trying to be polite, but it was not panning out for him!

The pooch realizes that there is no winning with these birds and fights back. Thankfully, none of the turkeys decided to attack him.

Viewers had a field day in the comments. One said, "Dog was minding his business. Here come the Karens." While another said what the pup was likely thinking, " He said, wait a minute, this is my driveway!"

Another viewer spoke to how dangerous a wild turkey can be to an un-leashed dog. "If they hurt my dog, we're having Thanksgiving early this year. X4."

One viewer pointed out the similarities between the turkeys and HOAs. "The HOA doing their patrols and reporting violations."  Another commented, "The Kluks are a brutal street gang."

We think this pup is brave for holding his ground, but he may want to avoid these fiesty fowl in the future.

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