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Dog Reunites With Soldier After 8-Month Deployment in Emotional Video

If there was ever a question of whether or not our dogs miss us when we're gone, we found a video that offers a definitive answer. Dogs are man's best friend, and we certainly miss them when we have to leave—so why wouldn't they miss us, too? Tony Conrad, a 26-year-old member of the United States Navy, posted a clip to his TikTok account showing his dog's reaction to him coming home. Tony had been deployed for eight months and couldn't wait to go see his "fur son."


Words cant even begin to describe this feeling. I have the best fur baby i could ever ask for #fyp #militaryhomecoming #militarytiktok

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In the heartwarming video, Tony quietly approaches a dog park where his pup is playing. Of course, he doesn't know that Dad is coming to see him. The dog is standing on the far end of the park with a furry friend, but he freezes the moment he sees Tony. He couldn't believe his eyes! As Tony gets closer, the pup runs up to him, tail wagging and unable to contain his excitement. Tony kneels down and gets eight month's worth of kisses from his four-legged best friend.

When Tony finally stands up, his dog actually jumps into his arms. He's not letting his dad out of his sight again! "Words can't even begin to describe this feeling," Tony captioned the video. "I have the best fur baby I could ever ask for."

The touching footage left quite the impression on the TikTok universe. One viewer writes, "The fact that the dog didn't understand where you went for 8 months and then lovingly welcomed you back." Another comment highlights our favorite part: "When he realizes you're his dad." Another points out that the dog's tail is "about to spin off!"

It's safe to say this video is worth watching over and over again.

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