Dog Acts As "Baby Gate" Protecting Tiny Human 

A dog protecting its human family members is not unheard of, especially since many dog owners train their pups to be guard dogs that watch over their homes or their herds. However, this large dog has the most important job of all, positioning herself perfectly on the stairs as the ultimate protector.

Just when the toddler thought he might make it up the stairs for the first time, his rather excellent guard dog steps in to ensure he stays on level ground, right where he belongs.

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In an adorable video captioned, "She was worried about him climbing the stairs," the pup adjusts herself on the stairs to ensure that she keeps blocking the persistent little kiddos' attempts at getting up those dangerous-looking stairs.

The adorable dog baby block quickly went viral, garnering thousands of comments and views. Cutest baby gate ever!

Want to see more examples of how nurturing dogs can be? Check out the sweet video below:

These protective pups keep watch over the newest family member. This cute little baby will always be safe when these two are around!

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