Dog Owner Opens Up About Scary Moment Bear Chased Down Her Pet
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Dog Owner Opens Up About Scary Moment Bear Chased Down Her Pet

It's a nightmare scenario for any pet owner — a bear chasing down your dog. But that became a reality for one dog owner, who is opening up about the experience.

Bailey Jacobson was at home when a couple of bears came to visit. The mother and her two cubs were attracted to the home thanks to a couple of trash cans that the family left outside. Jacobson and her dog Zeus went to the garage to check on her husband. While he wasn't there, the three certainly were.

Jacobson heard a noise near the trash cans, and Zeus went to investigate. The dog interrupted the bears digging through the garbage cans. "The bears really blended in with our black trash cans," she said. The dog went into defensive mode, and so did the mama bear. All the barking from Zeus drew the anger of the larger bear. It chased the dog down the driveway. Instantly fearing for her dog's safety, Johnson sprang into action. She chased after the bear, which chased after the dog. I highly advise don't go chasing after a full grown bear.  Johnson's screams caused the bear to turn to her. Meanwhile, the cubs went in either direction.

Bears Leave Without Incident

Once the bear got her attention, Jacbonson sought safety indoors. The animals eventually left. The dog owner then became worried about her dog. "Kind of around the bend a little bit, I see his little ears two ears poke out the side of the end of our driveway from the woods and of course I just start bawling because I don't know what happened," she said. Fortunately, Zeus was okay.

Ironically enough, her security cameras sent a notification showing the animals approaching after the fact. She called emergency services who came out to check over the situation. Besides the trash can, Jacobson also had a bird feeder in the yard. "I had a bird feeder and I realized that bird feeder was gone that morning. And I found that to be really interesting," she said.

Bears are known to come to people's yards from time to time, especially if you live in a wooded area. Never leave food or trash outside. You should also reconsider having feeders in your yard.