Dog-Opoly Is Dog Monopoly Where You Can Have All the Breeds

For the dog lover who has it all...

But do they own the Dog-Opoly board game yet? The dog monopoly game compiles all your favorite dog breeds as dog deeds, instead of real estate. As you collect the different breeds, from the Great Dane to the Chihuahua, you also have the chance to be the proud owner of the neighborhood butcher shop and buy doghouses.

The family board game costs $21.87 and is a great gift idea for your fellow dog person. Maybe it's the perfect birthday gift?



Learn all about your favorite dog breed, as the dog deeds have all kinds of fun facts about our fabulous four-legged friends. Play the beloved Monopoly game with a few doggie twists, win some big bones, and have a tail-wagging good time!

Comes with the game board and game pieces ranging from the popular fire hydrant to an angry cat. Customer reviews rave about the game!

"If you're a dog lover you'll love this version of Monopoly."

Get this perfect gift now on Amazon and be prepared to be the biggest hit at the party!

And if good dogs aren't your thing, there is a Cat-Opoly game and even Horse-Opoly!

What do you think of the Dog-Opoly game? Have you played it? Let us know in the comments below!

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