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Dog Steps and Ramps: Just More Reasons to Take Your Dog Everywhere

At some point, your dog had trouble getting into your vehicle on their own. When they are puppies, they just a bit too tiny to hop in on their own, but we were able to help them out. Fast forward and chances are, your 60-pound dog doesn't want to be picked up, or you simply can't pick them up by yourself.

Dog owners, if your pet is injured or of old age, they can still have a sense of independence when it comes to traveling. A step setup or dog ramp could give them the help they need to climb into your vehicle on their own. Remember too you get what you pay for!

Is a ramp or stairs a better choice for dogs?

It depends. If your dog is already struggling with the steps in your home, try a ramp instead. If stairs are easy on their legs, stairs should be fine. Even if your dog hasn't shown signs of stress in their body, this could be a chance to be proactive about their joint health.

1. PortablePet Twistep Pet Step

You don't see this often! The Portablepet Twistep Dog Hitch Step is assembled when it arrives. I suddenly forget how to read when it's time to look at instructions. It's even wide enough to use as a seat. Out camping or tailgating? No need to stand up. It can support up to 400 pounds, so it's a great dog step for large dogs. There are up to six inches of height adjustment for all heights of different vehicles. It also comes with a bonus hitch lock and can fit up to a two-inch receiver.

Get it here for $269.95.

2. CharaHome Dog Car Steps

If your dog has recently had surgery or just needs more than one step to avoid any straining, this accordion staircase is best for your furry friend. Not only is it more budget-friendly, but it's more versatile for your pet. Use the pet stairs on the back of the vehicle, or in your home to make it easier for your dog to get into bed.

Get it here for $54.35.

3. PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

Pet parents, if you have an older dog that has already shown signs that stairs cannot accommodate their mobility, a pet ramp might be the best route for your dog. It has a high-traction surface and non-slip tread for your dog's safety. This is wonderful for high tailgates and large pickup trucks! It works for class III hitch receivers and class IV receivers.

Get it here for $69.95.

4. Otto Step Car Pet Step

One customer said if she could give it six stars she would! Customer reviews are awesome, and while stairs and ramps are nice, I really like that you can easily store this in the back of your trunk. This heavy-duty step can support up to 200 pounds for those big dogs out there!

Get it here for $74.99.

5. Great Day LP500 Pet Platform

Lake days with your dog are the best. Spending time with your fur baby is therapeutic for both of y'all. If you like taking your dog on the water, the Load-A-Pup Platform is a great addition for your boat if your dog needs the extra help. The platform hooks up to your boat's boarding ladder. If your dog is a great fishing companion, he might need this in years to come.

Get it here for $148.00.

Finding the perfect solution for traveling isn't hard. Just make sure your dog's step will match the hitch receiver of your vehicle, and pick between stairs and a ramp. Maybe you just might need the help to take your dog to the vet or groomers, but this could be a chance for you to take your dog on more trips! Hey, we live in a time where we love dogs at bars and patios at restaurants, load your dog up for some fun!

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