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Hats for Dogs: 7 Hats for Spring, Holidays, and More

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Dog clothing is becoming more and more popular, and while it may seem a bit frivolous for dogs that don't necessarily need a coat to go outside, it is pretty dang cute.

If you don't like the idea of putting your pooch in hoodies or sweaters, you can still give them cute accessories with these dog hats from Amazon.

There is a bit of practicality to some of these pet hats, if you take your pooch with you to the beach all day or on a hike, it might be a good idea to give their eyes some sun protection. Dog visors and dog baseball caps are great for keeping your pet's eyes protected from the harsh sunlight.

Not only do they come in handy for keeping your dog's eyes protected, but depending on the material, a small dog beanie could keep your tiny dog's head warm on frosty days! Seeing little Chihuahuas shiver on walks isn't out of the norm when temperatures are nearly freezing.

DIY Beanie for Small Pets

If you're feeling inspired to take the DIY route, watch this YouTube tutorial on how to crochet a small beanie for cats and dogs. The YouTuber lists all the materials you'll need, and she explains the process straightforward.

Learning how to crochet winter hats for dogs can lead to some awesome gift-giving for pet parents, a small business, or even a way to give back to your local shelter during the holiday season.

Best Hats for Dogs

1. Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap

This sun hat works super well for sun protection on a hot and bright day. It comes with ear holes and a chin strap to keep this dog cap on all day, even if you're out climbing a mountain or playing in the sand with your pup. It's a best-seller on Amazon!

2. Dog Baseball Cap Pet Cap Adjustable with Ear Holes

This dog visor is perfect for a dog costume or for everyday use to help keep their eyes out of the sun. Ear holes allow for a better fit, and an adjustable neck strap makes sure it's nice and secure on their head. It's made of breathable Oxford cloth to keep your doggie comfortable all day! It comes in camo or stripe patterns.

3. Winter Soft Dog Hats

This adorable beanie will keep your pet's head warm during winter or works great as a pet costume around Christmastime.

4. 6 Pieces Dog Birthday Party Supplies Include 2 Pieces

If you love the idea of throwing a party for your pooch, you need these party hats and bandanas. They even come with matching bow ties, so your doggie can twin with his bestie.

5. Christmas Dog Hat Reindeer Antler Beanie

This beanie would make for an adorable dog costume around the holidays, especially if you throw an ugly sweater party or want to send out a funny Christmas card. It comes with a chin strap to keep the cap on their head.

6. leconpet Baseball Caps

This pet baseball cap is awesome for sun protection or an adorable dog accessory. If you're looking for some dog supplies to keep your pet more comfortable, check out this doggie headwear.

7. YOAVIP Pet Dog Cat Cowboy Hat

Anyone who loves pet costumes will adore this cowboy hat and bandana set. It's too funny and will make for an epic Halloween costume!

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