Dog Does the Cutest Thing to Comfort His Owner in the Shower

Some dogs hate baths. 

Including Clark the mini Goldendoodle. So when his owner takes a shower he can only assume that she is being forced and also having an awful time.

Twitter user @rudeweaver posted a photo of Clark bringing his favorite toy into the bath tub, presumably to cheer her up during her time being tortured in hot water.

While some may say, no, Clark is dropping his toy in the bath because he wants to play! his owner says he is doing this because he is legitimately concerned for his mom.

And Clark does it every time his owner gets in the bath, so it finally had to be documented.

Twitter users commented in solidarity, tweeting that their pets do the same thing!

Dogs tend to have an extra sense when it comes to caring. This is why they make such amazing therapy animals; they know exactly what to do in someone's time of need. Clark bringing his favorite toy to comfort his owner, because it comforts him, is another reason why we just don't deserve the goodness of dogs.

They are always there for us, thinking of us, caring for us.

Sweet, caring Clark has an Instagram page, clarkthemini, if you want to follow along on his path of kindness. Oh, and yes, that is the infamous shower toy.

Does your dog do things like this? Tell us in the comments below. 


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