Barkuterie Boards

Create Your Own Dog Charcuterie Board This Holiday Season

Heading into the holidays, charcuterie boards have become a staple in most homes, but don't leave Fido out. Make him a dog charcuterie board!

Human charcuterie boards evolved from meats and cheeses to a plethora of different options. If you are feeling fancy, you can do a dessert board, a breakfast board, or really anything in between. So it's not too far-fetched to create a charcuterie for dogs, and it's not too difficult. So grab up some dog-safe human foods and some dog treats and get creating!

"Barkuterie Boards" For Dogs

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Doggie charcuterie boards are definitely a step up in the dog food department. Pet owners everywhere already give their pups treats and goodies, but this is the perfect way to step it up a little.

Amanda, a long-time dog mom and all-around foodie, went from creating basic boards for her pup to having fun and getting fancy with it — Not to mention she created a business around the idea because our fur babies enjoy cheese boards as much as we do! If you want a full-proof way to make your DIY doggie charcuterie board, check out Barkuterie Boards on social media. It's a great way to celebrate a get-together, your pet's birthday party, or gotcha day. Frankly, it's just a fun way to enjoy some snacks for doggos and humans alike. Order a kit from Amanda's small business and create your own board similar to the one in the reel.

How to Make Your Own Dog Charcuterie Board

For inspiration, you could take to TikTok to build your first charcuterie board for those special dogs in your life, or you can just follow along with our simple instructions! Many different foods can be used for this special treat, so here are some great (and healthy) options:

Take your larger ingredients and lay them out on the board. Add in some of the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Don't be afraid to layer and fill all the gaps. If you have wetter treats, like yogurt or cottage cheese, you can use little bowls to keep them from making the dog bones soggy. Don't forget to sprinkle in some of your pup's favorite treats for them to enjoy along with these new ones!

Have you made your pup a charcuterie board? Show us on our Wide Open Pets Instagram!

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