Cheese for Dogs Exists, and Your Dog Will Go Crazy for It

A lot of dogs love cheese, whether it's as an occasional treat or added to their dog food, they usually go crazy for it.

Maybe they don't love just any kind of cheese (I know my dogs won't go near a blue cheese), but if I'm offering them a cheddar cheese or a Swiss cheese, you can bet they're going to be excited. Luckily, you can find cheese for dogs that are perfect dog treats.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Feeding your dog a lot of dairy products isn't a great idea on a regular basis. Many dogs have lactose intolerance (this is due to a lack of the lactase enzyme), and large amounts of cheese can affect their digestive system, leading to an upset stomach. This is obviously bad for dogs, but you can still give them dog cheese as a training treat or as something special for your pooch. It's better to give them a dog treat made of minimal ingredients that could be in human food rather than giving them treats full of preservatives and additives.

Never Feed Your Dog Blue Cheese

The fungus in blue cheese (Stilton cheese) can contain a substance called roquefortine C, which can trigger vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and more in high doses. If you ever suspect that your dog got into blue cheese that was left around the kitchen, contact your vet.

If you're someone who is nervous about your dog becoming sick from foods you may want to introduce, also find a trusted source before feeding your dog. You can also help other household members by reminding them not to feed your pet (or create a list of foods they cannot have).

Tips: When feeding your dog cheese for the first time, try one small piece. You can monitor for early signs of an upset stomach with small quantities. Feeding cheese to your dog surely won't be an everyday treat (even if they love it).

Make a small amount of cheese a special treat!

Dog-Safe Cheddar Snacks

1. Purebites Cheddar Cheese For Dogs, 16.6Oz / 470G - Super Value Size

Dog owners will love these low-fat cheddar cheese dog treats. They're made with 100% human-grade Wisconsin cheddar and have no other ingredients, meaning their salt content is lower than a lot of other dog treats, plus they contain a lot of calcium and b-complex vitamins. These freeze-dried training treats are advertised for dogs with obesity, as they have only 15 calories per treat.

If your dog can't get enough yummy snacks, this dog cheese is a healthy alternative to still give them the food they love while potentially reducing the chance of weight gain that is possible due to the high-fat content of normal cheese.

2. Healthy Spot / Mind Body Bowl - 3.5 oz Stack That Cheddar Dehydrated Cheese Treats

If your dog's diet requires minimal ingredients, these dog treats are a great way to give them a fun snack while still providing them with the essential fatty acids and vitamin A they need. These are great for dog training, and they contain no additives, preservatives, or fillers, which is more than most treat brands can say. The high-protein and fat content of cheese make for a very satisfying treat!

These treats come in two types of cheese: cheddar cheese and gouda. Give them to your dog as an occasional treat, we bet they're going to love it!

This post was originally published on April 21, 2021.

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