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Looking For Love: Golden Retriever Adopts Orphaned Lamb

This adorable TikTok video of a dog adopting a little lamb will tug at your heartstrings.

The way Golden Retriever Lily cares for little lamb Benny will melt even the coldest heart. Benny's mamma gave birth to triplets and was not able to take care of him. In came Lily with her three pups, ready to take on another kid, adopting the lamb as one of her own.

Lamby Member of the Dog Pack


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Now a fluffy little black-and-white head can be seen romping around with the three retrievers. While he is no Dalmatian, he fits in with his doggie friends. The first time Lily saw him alone, she knew she had to step in and do something to keep him safe, including cuddles and making sure he knew he was loved. She adopted the lamb, and he became a fixture in their canine family.

In an Instagram post, the family wrote:

"Benny has obviously bounced back from the brink with Lily by his side a lot quicker than me, that's for sure ? ? , but once again, Lily has come to the rescue."

As a pet owner, it broke Lily's family's heart to see Benny as an abandoned lamb. But when the Golden Retriever mommy instinct kicked in, and she took him in as one of her own, they knew he had found a best friend.

In another Instagram post, the cute animal's humans wrote, "Thank you, Lily, for showing Benny he is NOT alone and that he IS loved. He really needed a new mummy. He is now thriving with you by his side."

Latest News On The Dog Adopting the Lamb

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For more dog news and to follow the pair's love story, you can check in on their Instagram for adorable pics and sweet videos that will cheer up a long day.

More videos and updates of Lily's animal rescue of Benny and how he is doing on their family farm can also be found on TikTok @darcy_boris_lily. For fans, there is nothing sweeter than the dog adopting the lamb.

One fan Bryony Caragh Melvin, commented, "I didn't cry, you did." While @dadrevengetoo says, "When a dog shows unconditional love for other creatures, it shows the unconditional love they get from their humans."

Ewe are one cute little lamb, Benny!

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