Does a Hookset Count if You Don't Get a Bit Wet?

We've all put a bit too much 'oomph' into our hooksets on occasion.

We love fishing bloopers. They show the best and worst of anglers in a myriad of situations, but one thing holds true - they always give us a good laugh. There's no shortage of the proverbial 'angler gets wet' videos on the internet, but when a new one comes our way, we can't help but share.

Chase Brooks, a professional angler on the bass trail, recently posted this funny clip to his Facebook page. You have to love a guy who can poke fun at himself, especially when he highlights his lack of balance and coordination in the boat.

Sit back and prepare to chuckle:

As you just saw, a whole lot was going on in that video clip. Best of all was that the woman in the back of the boat missed the entire thing! You also heard what her main concern was:

"Don't step on my purse!"

Thanks for the laughs, Chase. Hey, at least you landed the fish!

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