deer attacks woman

Deer Attacks 85-Year-Old Woman Walking Her Dog in Colorado

It's extremely rare for a deer to act aggressive without instigation.

In very strange, head-scratching story out of Colorado, a woman went to the hospital with "serious" injuries after being attacked by a doe mule deer.

The unidentified woman, who was reportedly 85 years old, was walking her dog in the town of Craig when the encounter happened.

Officers believe she and her dog somehow startled the deer, "leading to an unusually aggressive response," according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

While wildlife officials say it's extremely rare for a deer—especially a doe—to attack, they can be serious when they do seldom happen, particularly when there's a fawn in the mix. And, apparently officials later found the doe standing with fawns hours after the attack.

"In accordance with agency policy due to the doe's extremely aggressive behavior, CPW will put the animal down to protect public safety. The fawns will be taken to a local rehabilitation facility. The doe's carcass will be taken to the CPW's Wildlife Health Lab for a full necropsy," CPW wrote in a press release.

There's still no update on the victim's condition.

I've never understood the point of putting an animal down for "public safety" and I never will. I've touched on this several times in past articles, and it still doesn't make sense to me.

Yes, it's sad what happened to this woman, and we all hope she has a speedy recovery. But, wild animals are going to act wild. Even if it is rare for a deer to attack someone or something, it's still a possibility because it's wild. And regardless of species, any mother will get aggressive to protect offspring.

I just don't understand the mindset that this is a killer deer that's going to run through crowds like a bowling ball. I don't understand when bears are put down for acting like bears. I could go on and on with different examples. I just don't get it.