This Guy's Snow Records from the Last 40 Years Have Scientists Intrigued

billy barr loves snow. How much? He's been hanging out and monitoring it for 40 years.

On a whim, billy barr started recording snow fall near his off the grid home in Gothic, Colorado. His original goal was just to satisfy his own curiosity and to have something to do during the long hours alone in his cabin. Recently, billy's meticulous record keeping has attracted the interest of scientists.

Watch the video to see what they've learned from 40 years of one man's snowfall observations.

It's amazing how powerful curiosity is. From wild animals entering human dwellings to prehistoric humans entering new areas to hunt, gather, and explore, curiosity can spark some amazing turns of events.

In this case, what started as a way to pass the time has turned into important data for scientists researching climate change. I wonder what would happen if everyone was as curious as barr.

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