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Think Living off the Grid in the City is Impossible? Think Again

Lots of folks dream of freeing up their lives by living off the grid, but you have to have a place in the country for that right? Wrong.

Rob Greenfield has been living off the grid for years in urban San Diego, California. With a little ingenuity, some help from a good hearted friend/landlord, and a passion for simplifying his lifestyle, Rob has created a living space that's unique, eco-friendly, and totally off the grid.

Watch the video to see if living off the grid in the city looks like something you would like to try.

Wow! That's pretty cool Rob!

Although living off the grid isn't for everyone, Rob Greenfield stresses that whatever you are doing to help yourself and the environment, you can always do a little more. If using a composting toilet and creating humanure doesn't appeal to you, maybe you can use solar panels to charge your cell phone or tablet. Don't want to sell your car? Consider biking or walking when feasible.

The great thing about Rob's lifestyle is that it is good for both him and the environment. Plus, it's just so simple.

The rest of us should take a cue from Rob's example before purchasing anything and ask ourselves, "Do I REALLY  need this?" Your wallet will be fatter, your waist will be thinner, and your life will be simpler. Who doesn't like the sound of that?


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Think Living off the Grid in the City is Impossible? Think Again