Do You Know How to Pick the Right Off-Road Tires?

Step one of becoming a real off-roader is clear, but can you choose the right off-road tires for your needs?

So, you're ready to dive headfirst into the world of off-road vehicles, and you know the most important beginning step. It's choosing off-road tires, and knowing what you're getting when you make your pick.

Not everyone is as educated on the tire market as others, and even we admit some knowledge gaps in the department. For that reason, we've turned to some experts to help us get a better understanding of what it is we need to do when it comes to choosing off-road tires.

We got it on good authority from the folks at Yokohama Tires that in order to be a real off-roader, you've got to pick the right kind or tires, and take good care of them.

Here's, in a nutshell, what they had to say up front:

Tires are technical marvels, influencing the traction, braking, steering, comfort, handling, safety, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. They are also the only parts actually touching the road. Tires perform with amazing effectiveness and last longer than ever if you take care of them.

However, you'll need to replace them eventually and you'll need to choose wisely because cornering, acceleration, wet road traction, tire wear, ride, and fuel economy can be greatly modified by changing tires.

Traction is vital for hitting off-road trails, so knowing what types of tires are available is key to prevent you from getting stuck in the mud.


They said that step one in picking the right tires is knowing how you'll be using them. If you like the outdoors - hunting and fishing, for example - look for tires that are extra durable and have deep traction. If you're in a wet climate, seek out tires that perform well in mud. If you're from a colder area with tough winters, you'll want reliable traction in any weather condition.

A super-strong mud-terrain (M/T) tire like Yokohama's ultra-rugged Geolandar M/T G003 is designed to get you in and out of the toughest terrains. A versatile all-terrain (A/T) tire like the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is ideal if you're looking for a tire with superb off-road traction, as well as a smooth ride. The G015 can handle any weather condition, and all sizes are severe-snow-rated.

There are so many styles and kinds to choose from, but Yokohama won't steer you (or your off-roader) the wrong way. They're a trusted brand that's not only kind enough to help explain a few things, but they're consistently delivering the kind of tire performance we, as driving lovers, have always wanted.

No matter what you choose, do it with the intention of having a better, more productive time on your off-road adventures.