YouTube: Ambition Strikes

Couple Builds Professional-Looking DIY RV From Frame Up Out of Their Garage

This DIY made RV looks like it came out of a factory.

More people than ever are building their own campers and RVs in garages across America. Building a custom home on wheels is a great way to get everything you want in a recreational vehicle at a fraction of a cost of the stuff built in a factory.

This an especially popular route to go for people who are looking for a rugged off-road machine or who plan to live in their RV full-time because you can customize the living space to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Most of these custom builds involve taking a pre-existing box truck or van and tearing out and re-doing the inside. The couple in today's video was a little more ambitious than that. They completely tear the bed out of a pickup and then build a full living space from the frame up. The time lapse captures the entire process from start to finish and it is amazing to watch. This custom RV truly looks like it just rolled off a factory floor.

This is darned impressive for $20,000 worth of materials. Of course, one must also factor in the cost of the truck and tools, but it seems likely they saved a ton of money over the cost of buying something pre-made or by going to a custom company to build something to their own specifications. In another video, they state they were inspired by Earthroamer overlanding RVs for this build. For perspective, one of those vehicles costs over $250,000 on average!

According to the video's description, it took Riley and Courtney about two and a half months for them to take this design from a bunch of CAD plans to a finished RV. Their website states Riley has a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, which probably went a long way from taking this from idea to finished vehicle.

This may very well be the most impressive custom RV build on the Internet just based on the craftsmanship alone. We cannot remember another custom RV build where it was built from the frame up like this. This project took engineering, woodworking, metal, and electrical skills to reach the finished product. We only wish we were this skilled, so we could build one of our own!

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