shed chandelier

DIY Antler Chandelier That Your Wife Will Definitely Approve

Husbands, do you struggle with getting the wife to allow hunting decor in the house? Well this one shouldn't be a problem.

Hunters shed hunt and then, often, leave their finds laying around in piles, doing nothing but taking up space and collecting dust.

Sometimes, your lady friend can be a big advocate of not having dead animal mounts or hunting pieces in the house. But we have a shed antler chandelier that she just might allow.

Kristie Wolfe puts some finishing touches on a chandelier, adding some style that anyone would be glad to have at home.

Now, it isn't a rugged look, but hey... a win is a win. Getting sheds in the house is always a good thing.

Cheap and easy, this may be something you and your significant other can do together.

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