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How To Dip a Deer Skull With Spray Paint (DIY)

dip a deer skull with spray paint
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Learn how to dip a deer skull with spray paint.

As more and more people turn to European mounts as an inexpensive way to display their harvests, we are seeing a great number of awesome ways to show them off.

One of those ways is to have the skull camo dipped, but the dipping process is usually pretty expensive. Luckily for you we've found a way that you can save money and do the dipping yourself.

The best thing about this project is how cheap it is. All you need is a little tape, a bucket of water, and a few cans of spray paint. If you buy everything and only use it once you still only have around $10 total in the project.

Next time you are trying to figure out what to do with your latest harvest, give this a shot. Who knows? You may learn a thing or two about paint dipping and want to try it on other projects.

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How To Dip a Deer Skull With Spray Paint (DIY)