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10 Hunting Hacks That Will Make You a Better Hunter [PICS]

Become a better hunter with these 10 hunting hacks.

Here are some well-kept secrets that will boost your game this season.

They seem like minute hacks, but when you start seeing more results, you’ll realize how powerful they are.

1. Keep your gear in the woods.


Clothes and gear in your vehicle or at home pick up more and more scents. Fix this by leaving them in the woods. You can easily build a container for them so that you can change on-site and your gear and clothes always smell like the area.

2. Practice in your gear

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This is especially true for bowhunters. If you are going to be wearing a thick coat and gloves to hunt, you should be wearing the same thing to practice. Gloves in particular will make a big difference in how your release fits. You don’t want to figure this out when a Pope and Young is in front of you.

3. Make your own cover scent


Go gather materials from your hunting site. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, whatever is laying around. Take them home and boil them in an old pot with water. After boiling for a few minutes, drain and then pour the water into a spray bottle. The scent will stay and is custom-made to your environment.

4. Become a squirrel

Image via Flickr/CoreySeeman

Your game can easily distinguish you in the woods based on your walking pattern. To beat this, become a squirrel. Change up your pattern as you walk, take a few short quick steps at a time stopping as you go. You could even go so far as to carry a squirrel call to play a few times on your way to your stand.


5. Size up a buck

Image via Flickr/FloridaFishandWildlife

There are a few different reference points you can use to size up a buck before you decide to pull the trigger. First the ears, as you can see in this video. The tips of a deer’s ears are 13 inches apart, the eye is generally four inches in circumference, the ears are around six inches from base to tip, and it is around eight inches from the center of the eyes to the tip of the nose.

6. Use a partner

Image via Facebook/BucknerCustomCalls

Hunting with a partner can greatly increase your chances for success, especially if you are communicating with each other during the hunt. With just two people you can do a “false drive” where one person stalks an area working back towards the other who is set up and waiting. This method can be very effective for making sure at least one of you is successful.

7.  Tic Tacs

Image via Facebook/TicTacUSA

Carry a half empty package of Tic Tacs in your pocket as you are stalking in the woods. If you can hear the Tic Tacs moving, you are moving too quickly.

8. Stay dry

Image via Flickr/SpeshulTed

I’m not talking about rain here. It doesn’t matter how much scent control you have if you work up a sweat on your way to the stand. Take your time and take off layers if necessary, but whatever you do, don’t break a sweat.

9. Create a self-sustaining food plot

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This can work particularly well in an area of thin pines where deer feel more comfortable anyway. Plant something like an apple tree or any of these other plants to attract deer to your stand.

10. Add snips to your gear

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Whether it is trimming a couple of branches for a shooting lane, or making your path through the woods quieter, snips are a great tool to have. You can quickly and silently get small branches and twigs out of your way.

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10 Hunting Hacks That Will Make You a Better Hunter [PICS]