Why Didn’t the BMW X7 Debut at the Detroit Auto Show?

What was supposed to be a big reveal... was a big letdown.

The Detroit Auto Show is the place to be for auto enthusiasts. And this year, BMW was set to roll out its all-new X7 at the two-week affair.

Unfortunately, the X7 endured an accident of some kind on the way and didn't make it. BMW comments on its absence, "the SUV was damaged while in transport to Detroit by truck." No further details were provided.

The show must go on, though. That would-be empty spot was filled in with a 7 Series sedan. Rumor has it that BMW had to literally scrub/scratch the "X" from the display.

As of yet, there is no word on when or where it will appear next.

Although we weren't able to see the X7 up close and in person, we do have a few details surrounding the SUV.

The X7 will be BMW's largest and most luxurious SUV on the market—and also the only BMW SUV with a third row. It's placed right above the X5 and X6 and will seat six.

Style isn't something that BMW lags on—in fact, it's one of its best selling points. Open-pore ash wood with a matte finish, ambient and contour lighting and plush leather upholstery are just a few of the elements that provide that classic BMW luxury in the X7.

One of the coolest aspects of this BMW SUV has to be the glass roof, effortlessly taking the panoramic sunroof to a whole new level.

Technology is also ahead of the times. A 12.3-inch instrument cluster display sits up front, while rear-seat touchscreens rest on the back of the front seats.

All screens implement an easy-to-use interface that allows you plenty of interaction and connection capability while on the road. A head-up display is also reported to be included.

We couldn't not mention the performance ratings of this up-and-coming flagship. Although nothing has officially been confirmed, other than it will comprise a TwinPower turbo petrol engine with eDrive technology, leaked documents suggest a 445-hp 4.4-liter V6 will be housed beneath the hood.

BMW has already started production on the X7 at its Spartanburg, South Carolina plant. This is also where all X models were manufactured.

You can expect to see the BMW X7 cruising the streets late 2018/early 2019.