Did You Know That March Is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month?

The ASPCA has dedicated the month of March to informing the public about guinea pigs and other cavies in need of a home.

The first National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month took place back in 2002 when the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) decided that more attention needed to be given to guinea pigs in animal shelters. Now in its 16th year, the tradition is still going strong.

If you're thinking of adopting a guinea pig from a rescue group, there are a few things that you should know first about keeping the small pets.

  • They can live between five and seven years and need time out of the cage daily
  • These small pets are very social animals and do best living in pairs - a solitary guinea pig can become very lonely and depressed
  • They need regular health care with vet visits and there will be ongoing expenses for a new pet such as food, water, high-quality bedding, toys, and a large cage

Guinea Pig

Knowing this, if you still feel that you have room in your heart for a cuddly cavy the first places you should check are your local shelter or local rescue organizations. Buying a guinea pig from a pet store may assist in the continued support of inhumane guinea pig mills. Adopt a rescued guinea pig instead and give them a forever home!


To find a shelter near you to find the perfect rescued guinea pig, visit the ASPCA website or visit PetFinder.com to see some homeless guinea pigs there.

Happy guinea pig adoption month!

Did you adopt a guinea pig from the shelter? We'd love to see them in the comments below!

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